The Back Room

With respect to Socrates, my unexamined life is not worth living. The front room is the face we show everyone but we hide our true self in the back room.


It has been a more creative week than last.

I hope writing every day inspires me to make progress on my novel.  I’ve had an idea for over a decade and I’d like to see some of the narratives cobbled together for an unexpected delight a la Almodovar.

I am an avid admirer of Pedro Almodovar.  How he weaves such offbeat stories into many pleasurable films.

We finished another of his tonight: Volver.  The mature voluptuous Penelope Cruz taking control of the film, impressing us by conveying powerful emotions while keeping the story as small as it should be.

Films like his get my creative heatbeat thrumming.  I love to write dialogue.  Almodovar captures a woman’s voice and situation in a beautiful textured way.  The bar has been set high.

Tarantino has been praised for his real-life conversations between girls in his more recent films but they are not his strong point.  He writes for guys much better.  The best scenes in his films are gangster spaghetti western style.  Guys asserting their power over other guys through words and then ultraviolence.

Neil LaBute writes guys well, also concerning power and status, however as Tarantino does it for cool dialogue, LaBute chooses the words as weapons.  He eschews physical violence and yet his characters feel disemboweled or worse, castrated.

Almodovar’s ability to tell a story and capture its essence in thoughtful dialogue is what I aspire for as a writer.

I have revealed my inspiration, now I only need to create something.

Maybe there is something in my current job.  Each patient has a story, and the nurses are characters themselves.  What goes on when you drop your loved ones off in a facility?  How are they treated?  How do they change?  Does what they were cease to exist as they now lay in a bed, reduced to fast fading memories?  What are they really feeling?

Dementia comes in many colors.  I did not know the many shades one forgets and re-imagines reality.  And how content one can be living a new life they created out of thin air.

Yes.  There is something there.  At the least, edification for my life experience, at the most, an application of the knowledge to be used for the positive collective.

Whatever the circumstances that brought me to these facilities, I am here now, grateful to be present and to learn as much as I can.

A creative thoughtful week indeed.



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