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With respect to Socrates, my unexamined life is not worth living. The front room is the face we show everyone but we hide our true self in the back room.

See Mad Max: Fury Road.

For a brisk two hours you are strapped to the war rig like a hood ornament hurtling through the wasteland, diving chainsaw-wielding pole jumpers and explosions, hanging upside down, your head grazing the desert floor or fending off hordes of homicidal bikers and brainwashed gear-heads all hoping for final victory in Valhalla, as your blood is drained to feed others’ ultra-mania energy when you’re not spitting gasoline into the turbo thrusters of the monster vehicles that breathe fire, with spikes encompassing it like sadistic terminator porcupines, while the death metal soundtrack pounds thunder into your ears and assaults your eyes with the satanic caravan of red pajama guitar gorgons and sacrificial tribal drums as you lead straight into a sand storm that not only picks warriors out from their vehicles but rips the flesh from their bodies before they are swept up in a tsunamic swirl of skull, bones, and twisted metal your reward for surviving, a relentless battle between the psychopaths and your own psychosis a waking nightmare, a visual carousel of lost souls pushing you further toward redemption or insanity alongside a fearless warrior queen who sacrificed everything to bring home five young woman bravely taking back their own bodies the quest much more deep than eye-bulging, hi-octane savagery.

Beauty surrounds this majestic film experience.  Shot in Australia, Namibia and South Africa the landscape is breathtaking, the action sequences are scary and thrilling and the soundtrack draws from adrenaline-racing guitar-driven power chords to the unforgettable Morricone influence of his spaghetti western days.

As the credits roll your bride relaxes her grip.  Your hand slips from hers.  She turns to you, beaming.

You both exhale.

The heart has once more found its normal resting rate.

When can I see it again?


10 comments on “See Mad Max: Fury Road.

  1. Venus❥Lotus
    May 28, 2015

    Whoaaa…Sounds pretty cool! Wasn’t at all interested before. Now? yes!


    • Andrew Davis
      May 28, 2015

      It was such a beautiful spectacle with very little fat. The story was tight, no gratuitous nudity or romance. Secondary characters acted as conduits for the mission at hand. And the acting, c’mon, you’ve got Tom Hardy from the underrated brilliant Bronson and Charlize Theron just kicking ass with her eyes, and even the main bad guy from the first Mad Max, his long flowing hair now white though he still has the crazy psycho eyes. What a fun ride. You will have a great time!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Venus❥Lotus
        May 29, 2015

        Jeepers! That sounds great after seeing “Focus” recently..lots and lots of fat!


      • Andrew Davis
        May 29, 2015

        I didn’t see Focus but I can imagine the pitfalls for a star-driven picture rather than a plot-driven picture. Easy to go off the rails when plot is secondary.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Venus❥Lotus
        May 29, 2015

        It was entertaining enough I suppose (I had very low expectations.) Margot Robbie is soooo pretty…she and Will Smith had amazing chemistry!


      • Andrew Davis
        May 29, 2015

        She’s gonna be in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad next summer. That film will be sick!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The Lost Daisy
    May 29, 2015

    The crazy guitarist in the red pajamas was awesome!


  3. Hassan Izzo
    June 17, 2015

    so many people have been saying how great this is – I’m going to go and see it tomorrow straight after my appointment with the ‘ol psychiatrist.

    I love the new look of your blog, well I say new, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but it looks great.


    • Andrew Davis
      June 18, 2015

      Hey there, friend, thanks for the comment about the blog appearance. It has been an exciting collaboration with my bride. She’s the tech gal, I just write copy.
      I found Mad Max to be a thrilling film from beginning to end. A big-screen experience. After your session you could use some escapism! Thank you for your generous comments!


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